DPSS Blue Laser Diodes
Laser Diode and power supply 110V/220V
All laser diodes are the newest on the market  when it comes to thermal
cooling and high output power. Lasers come with 1 Year
  warranty and are readily available for purchase.

5 mW,10 mW,50 mW,100 mW,500 mW, 600mW,800mW
   ,1000 mW,1500 Mw, 2000 mW,5000mW

Laser Diode Specifications:

Output laser power                     mW            5mW - 5000mW

Wavelength                                 nm            457nm -473nm

Wavelength tolerance                 nm              ±1

Beam mode                                                    multi  

Beam Diameter                            mm             3.5

Beam Divergence (full)                mrad          0.8

Point Stability                                mrad          0.1

Power Stability                             %               ±10

External Modulation (analog)        Hz              15000

Warm Up Time                              sec             30

Linewidth                                      nm              ±0.5

Polarization Orientation                                      V

Polarization Ratio                                             1:100

Operating Temperature                 °C               10-40

LD Operating Lifetime                    hour           10000

LD Operating Current@220V        Amps         0.6

Operating Voltage                          Vac           90-240

Dimension of Laser Head              mm             L=158     W=60    H=47

Weight of Laser Head                    kg              1.0

Weight of Power Supply                kg              1.2ffe

Overall specifications may change depending on wavelength of laser and power. Please ask for specs when ordering
50mW 473nm Blue Laser
100mW  473nm Blue Laser
Item# 100473nm
100mW 473nm Blue Laser
600mW 473nm Blue Laser
Item# 600473nm
100mW 473nm Blue Pointer
1000mW 457nm Blue Laser
Item# 1000457nm
400mw 473nm Blue Laser
1000mw 457nm Blue Laser
800mw 473nm Blue Laser
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500mW 473nm Blue Laser
Item# 500473nm
1500mW 457nm Blue Laser
Item# 1500457nm
2000mW 457nm Blue Laser
Item# 2000457nm
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