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Featuring the brightest laser light show services for all indoor and outdoor events
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CLM has been providing shows and services for the
corporate & entertainment industry across the USA
since 1998.

Since the dawn of Laser Entertainment we have
been the pioneer  in manufacturing professional
laser show products across the world for clients in
all fields.  

Our laser light show services are the perfect
solution for the icing on the cake for any event!
If you want the WOW like fireworks you have to
experience one of our visual enhancing shows.  

We can add excitement to any concert, fair, sports
event, corporate function, Hollywood TV magic,
private events and more.

We believe that a client's satisfaction and a
successful production are our greatest

CLM has the ability to work closely with other
lighting show designers and create that special look
that is desired with our advanced computer show
software. With live computer playback control to
complete DMX over Ethernet  control for any
Lighting Designer and operator to take control of
the lasers with a lighting board and insert into cues
with precision timing.

With years of music touring experience and show
business, we can relate to your event and provide
good suggestions and feedback to ensure every
aspect is covered.

We appreciate your interest in our company.
Please contact us by telephone or email for any
additional questions.
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Creative Laser Media & Design has designed a
Vegas style show on the road for your fair,
casino,corporate or private event.

Featuring top hits from Pink Floyd, The Beatles,
The Doors, Led Zeppiin, Top 40 and more!

The shows run typically  an hour in length and
can feature custom logos and messages of
any sponsorship or paid advertisers .

Give us a call to get started on booking our
production services for your next event.  
A must see show!
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CLM is a fully licensed company by the FDA.GOV, manufacture and a rental show production company. Shows that are  projected in sky are registered with the FAA. Please allow
30 Days prior notice of event.  FAA has final determination on approving such a request. When our show is terminated onto a screen,wall,mountain,trees or
object we report to the FDA a terminated class show and a filed written notification letter will be sent to the agency. This paperwork is done completely by us and part of our services.

Please call for additional information on guidelines and procedures. At all times during a performance there will be no beams in direct contact with audience. Our professional shows
are an excellent form of entertainment and safe for all indoor & outdoor events when operated by a professional company.  Musical shows can be custom choreographed by us to
your choice of music and timed for an  unforgettable visual experience with your favorite songs. If your local area is a fire hazard for fireworks our laser light show services can be a
safe and fun alternative.

Each Laser Light  Show is custom tailored for the event needs. Every event is different and will require different effects. Such as beams, logos, animations, graphics, waves, tunnels
and more. Our experience technicians can meet any cue on time for any type of show. Moving graphics or still animation is no problem.  Please consult with our trained show
designers for the right effect for your event. We are confident that we will over exceed your expectations with our award winning shows.

CLM provides complete production services and tour management technicians to handle any type of job and duration on the road. We can provide multiple services and save the
client money with using one company. Our trained technicians work hand and hand with professional artists, designers, producers and union labor workers. Let our experience come
to play for your next show.

Please call us today to coordinate the right production for your special event. We look forward to serving you Nationwide. Call us today!
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